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Countries welcoming US tourists back - Once one of the world's most powerful travel documents, the might of the United States passport has been diminished during the pandemic. With US Covid-19 cases now past the 32.4 million mark, some nations continue to view vacationers warily even as more Americans get vaccinated. Tue, 20 Jul 2021 01:39:11 GMT
2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season - Here is a look at the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. Fri, 09 Jul 2021 14:46:39 GMT
The doctor accused of plotting the assassination of Haiti's President was planning his entry into national politics, a source says - Christian Sanon, the Haitian-American doctor accused by authorities of plotting the assassination of Haiti's President, spent months planning a foray into national politics in the country, holding weekly Zoom meetings through early this year with academics and business leaders, and at one point meeting with the man who allegedly supplied the mercenaries behind the killing, according to a person at the meeting.
Canada could let fully vaccinated US citizens enter the country by next month - Canada could start allowing fully vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents on non-essential travel into the country by mid August, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Thousands of children from Canadian schools for indigenous communities may be buried in unmarked graves, officials say - The first forensic evidence that unmarked graves in their hundreds were located at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School was a juvenile rib bone and tooth found beneath the apple orchard.
Former Haitian justice official emerges as alleged key figure in President's assassination - Colombia's National Police chief has claimed that former Haitian Justice Ministry official Joseph Felix Badio was a key player in the assassination of Haiti's president.
Cuba Fast Facts - Read CNN's Cuba Fast Facts to learn more about this communist country located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 90 miles south of Florida.
The assassination of Haiti's president is the latest challenge for CNN Heroes serving their nation - Amid their country's national crisis, Haitian CNN Heroes are stepping up to keep the most vulnerable -- children and women -- safe. And they hope this moment points Haiti toward a better future.
'Something terrible happened': A radio call with one of the men accused in presidential assassination plot - As Haitians woke up last week to the news their President had been brutally killed, an unidentified man called into a local radio station and unleashed a strange monologue while live on air.
Amazon rainforest is emitting more carbon dioxide than it absorbs in some areas, study says - Parts of the Amazon rainforest are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they absorb, raising fears of the potentially devastating impact on its fragile ecosystems and a further worsening of the climate crisis, according to a new study.
One reported dead in anti-government protests in Cuba - Anti-government activists in Cuba say that more than 100 people have been arrested or are missing on the island following widespread protests on Sunday.
Retired soldier claims 26 Colombians accused in Haiti assassination were actually hired to protect the President - After 26 Colombians were accused of assassinating Haitian President Jovenel Moise, a retired special forces soldier in Colombia has told CNN that they were actually hired to provide the leader security, and that he himself was approached for the job by a US-based company.
Brazil's Bolsonaro transferred to Sao Paulo hospital after intestinal obstruction found - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will be transferred to a hospital in Sao Paulo for additional tests to determine whether he needs emergency surgery, according to Brazil's Special Secretariat for Social Communication.
Head of security at Haiti's presidential residence in police custody - The head of security at Haiti's presidential residence has been placed in police custody, according to a close associate, as authorities continue to investigate the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.
Illegal gold miners threaten fragile way of life, deep in Amazon rainforest - The Yanomami people are battling an old and elusive enemy -- one they haven't seen since the 1980s.
Cuba lifts customs restrictions on food and medicine after biggest protests in decades - Cuba announced on Wednesday it was temporarily lifting restrictions on travelers bringing food, medicines and hygiene products into the country in an apparent acknowledgment of demands from anti-government demonstrators.
Peru's electoral authority declares Pedro Castillo President-elect, 6 weeks after runoff - Six weeks after voters headed to the polls in Peru, former schoolteacher and union leader Pedro Castillo has been formally declared the country's President-elect. He will be sworn in on July 28, the bicentennial of Peruvian independence, election authorities announced Monday.
Ecuador revokes citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - An Ecuadorian court on Monday ruled in favor of revoking the citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a judgment published by the Judicial Branch of Ecuador.
Exclusive: Leaked documents reveal death threats, roadblocks in Haiti assassination investigation - There was no mistaking the meaning in last week's anonymous text message: Do what we say or die.
After historic protests, defiant Cubans face mass trials - Following the most widespread protests since Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution, Cubans are now bracing themselves for a new aftershock poised to shake the communist-run island: Mass trials of those who dared to take to the streets calling for change. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |